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Become an Ongage Champion

We’re always on the lookout for more friends, and you’re the best person to get the word out.

For every new Ongage client you bring, You’ll enjoy 15% of the revenue. That’s on top of that warm and fuzzy feeling of helping your friends send campaigns that land in more inboxes!

That’s what turns people into champions.

Share and recommend Ongage to your friends!

It’s easy as 1-2-3

Our champion program is as straightforward as it gets. Just follow these three simple steps to become an Ongage champion.

Step 1

Make a personal intro to our likeable VP of Sales and Growth – Haim Pekel.

Step 2

Get 15% of all revenues collected in the first year of business.

Step 3

Refer more friends and grow your piggy bank further.

Why should you become an Ongage champion?

Who do we partner with?

Ready, set, go!

Ready to bring your friends to the remarkable Ongage family?

Looking for other ways to collaborate?

We include our partners in content, social, and community operations. With Ongage, you’ll be able to show what you have and shine in front of an engaged audience. Check out the possibilities below, or head on to our partners page.

Shared events

Co-hosting, collaborating, and co-promoting events and conferences.

Cross promotions

Sharing together exclusive promotional offers via email, social, paid and more.


Join our Champion program, refer potential clients to Ongage, and enjoy 15% of the revenue

Case studies

Find an interesting story about a shared client. Create the content and both sides will distribute across all channels.


Educational content hosted by both Ongage and the partner.

PR Collaborations

Create and join relevant PR campaigns that celebrate Ongage partnership announcements.

Thought leadership

Talk about what you do best, and get recognized for platform capabilities and your expertise.

Guest posts

Each party writes a comprehensive, educational blog published and promoted by the other side. Visit our guidelines page for more info.

Social sharing

Reposting each other’s content on social channels. A monthly email will be sent from Ongage summarizing the activity.

Shared blog posts

Writing content together and appearing in each other’s blogs as experts about the subject.

Logos exchange

Each party will feature the other’s logo on their website/ partners page.

Videos & panels

Experts from both companies are replying to guests’ questions, live.


You’ll get 15% of all revenues collected in the first year of business. Plus, your friends will love you for introducing Ongage to them.

Payments will be made quarterly. A detailed report will be sent with each payment.

Just a couple. To receive the payment, a lead must convert to a client within 3 months of the intro. Also, the lead must not already be in touch with Ongage.

Payments apply only on future introductions and not retroactively.

We’d love to chat with you. Contact us and let us know what you have in mind.

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